Apocalyptic Lullaby

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Sixty days to slow the spread
Sixty nights to mourn the dead
The world is overcome with dread
While time marches on.

With no commitments to obey
Home is the prison of the day
The mind is left to gnaw away
As time marches on.

Abusers reign with fists and rape
Their victims now have no escape
Society is losing shape
As time marches on.

The internet explodes with fear
While media is insincere
Saving accounts disappear
As time marches on.

“Trump is an abusive clown!”
“Bill Gates wants chips to track us down!”
“China needs to burn and drown!”
The hatred marches on.

Stuck at home inside their brains
The masses need someone to blame
It’s safer than to face their pain
The anger marches on.

To sit alone and contemplate
Reminds a person of their fate
All will soon disintegrate
As time marches on.

So let us protest
Let us fight
Let us blame someone tonight!
Let us fear
Let us win
The wounded love the taste of sin
To be alone
To be alive
“At least it wasn’t me who died!”
Roar, fuck, fight, swoon
The world will open very soon!

To the office they return
Fighting for the lives they earn
With votes to cast and bills to pay,
No time to think of yesterday

The dead are gone
The end is nigh
The sun explodes
We say goodbye
Apocalyptic lullaby
Time marches on.

The Prophesy

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Love is the mother of creation
Death is the father of transformation
Life is the daughter of the fusion
Maker and breaker of illusion

The moon dances with her star
Burning for him from afar
Her shadow lures his light to surge
Cries of love and war converge

Chaos sings its fateful claim
The rhythm of the world aflame
From whence its heart is torn,
Erosia is born.

Translation to Silindion 
by Elliott Lash


Missëar i mëa kuiyanëa.
Sammar i phëa lintuveskëa.
Lintur i hweya essendëa.
Kuiyo seskomma kuntiltië.

Hyuvún i larë silnemmanyë
vë sarna otma nondo
Kamando ina yáryello eremanyë
Henentë sëonanya sundëa n’enkië

Nempë mispa linkuissëanya 
Vovona Onorneiri sutiantë 
ta yova senkë auka
Id nir Sunarien eiso simë.

The Lure of the Swan

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The lure of the Swan
Is a curse when she is gone
Shall the Hunter yearn
For a sign of her return

White as pearl is his skin
But the fire roars within
As he haunts her lair
His desire burns her bare

Her heavenly breast
Draws his arrow to her nest
She surrenders her will
To the throes of the kill

Translation to Silindion – by Elliott Lash.

Kamara sínië
Vaphurnë yanisë’nië
Ninén i lavan
Lillannu vohwild’anyë

Thermar parlosil
Erma daván i faya
Vë pherseina lennánëa
Salányë ethatë sunanya

Hwanga molkósëa kíldië
Vanasutín essiranna
Yauyón surúnëa
No nekenta nánkëa⁠

You throw it all away (Part 4)

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If I said I wasn’t tempted I’d be Nyack’s biggest liar
I’m mesmerized and paralyzed and twitching with desire
Your body is a temple where I worship lust for men
But I’d rather eat a corpse than go to bed with you again

You tangle me like poetry that no one understands
You break me with your smile and collect me with your hands
I’m a magnet to your hipbone and a sucker for your charms
But I’d rather drown a kitten than lie naked in your arms

It’s not that I see noncommital sex as a sin
And its not that I’m resentful or determined to win
I’m challenged and inspired by the mind games you play
But I’d rather bathe in vomit than give myself away

I remember the first time you took me to your bed
I loved another man but I went home with you instead
I thought my broken heart could be mended by lust
And I wondered if my instinct was the one thing I could trust

In the passion of the chase and the craze you put me through
I found myself believing I could fall in love with you!
Then one night I realized as I spread myself apart
I’d rather straddle swords than have a crotch for a heart

You told me once upon a time you would have wanted more
But love was just a dream and it was not worth burning for
So I kicked you off the pedestal and watched you from afar
Cuz I’d rather burn to ashes than become the way you are

Libido Bride

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ii could show you stars
you didnt know you weren’t seeing
ii could make you stronger than
the man you dream of being
ii could feed you chemicals
your tongue can’t even taste
you’d live a thousand years
and not a night would go to waste

but you grunt and hide
too tough to turn the tide
you won’t let me take you
you won’t let me break you
you won’t let me make you 
my libido bride

you’d have so much freedom
that you wouldn’t even want it
ii’d dress you up so sexy
you would never have to flaunt it
ii’d spin you through the desert
and ii’d fly you to the sky
ii’d let you love without me
and ii’d never ask you why

but you won’t let me break you
you won’t let me take you
real men love to lose control
but ii guess my red dress
is too tight around your soul

ii can smell desire
like a lion spots its dinner
and ii can cure inertia
like a priest can purge a sinner
my spirit knows the cadence
of a man who craves release
each time you leer at me
ii only yearn to bring you peace

but you grunt and hide
too tough to turn the tide
you won’t let me take you
you won’t let me break you
you won’t let me make you 
my libido bride

real men love to lose control
but ii guess my red dress
is too tight around your soul


By Poetry No Comments

I am mad. I am mad in both senses of the word: crazy, and angry. I was not mad last week, and I may not be mad next month. Now, here, I am mad. I don’t intend to become anything other than mad. I am angry enough to destroy myself but too disoriented to follow through. I hate myself for wanting to die over this, and I am crazy to believe that this is the only thing in my life that matters. This is a bomb in my chest waiting to explode; a truth squashed under the wheel of time that only the twists of madness could unfold. This is obsession. This is failure. This is inspiration. This is love.


By Poetry No Comments

you are the lapse between pulse and breath
the smoke that carries fire to lung to chest to blood
the intangible distance separating truth from flesh
softening the threat of death

you are not now and never here
the trail of a tear, lust tamed by fear
you are the silence between the plucks of your guitar

ii met you in a peaceful place
somewhere between time and space
your defiance of grace
unpainted my face

ii turn back behind
clear white black blind
ii find you anywhere
when ii open my eyes youre no longer there

and ii cant decide
what ii should reveal
how can ii hide
if this isn’t real


By Poetry No Comments

that after – hour shiver

midnight turmoil
sky in my eye
skin in my hand
he will demand an explanation
before our expiration date
runs late
it’s that hour when its
too early to be morning
and too late to be night
too wrong to be right
and too much left to write
skim my heart
and wipe the dust
you’re hazardous to my formless lust
pretend you don’t hate
the ones you left behind
initiate, abbreviate
do you really think
you can hide from the blind?
they can find you
in the heart
that you tore apart
and signed
and sold as art


Silver Plastic Smiles

By Poetry No Comments

this digging further down
it’s not allowed
this cryptic self destruction wrapped in silver plastic smiles
not allowed
another yearning burning call
kill them all
they cant be here
they cant hear
what we are
must go far from this place wrapped in silver plastic
drastic data base

ii could touch his face but that would set me back a mile
ii could silver plastic smile but that would push me far ahead
and then ii’d never see his face again
ii’d never love his face again
ii’d never love again
ii’d never love
ii’d never love
ii’d only silver plastic smile for a while till ii’m paid
then ii’m laid
then ii’m married then ii’m happily-ever-aftered
well ii’ll happyeverafter myself
sitting in a silver spoon and cooking for the kiddies
and working with the yuppies buying puppies for their children
that’s where ii could hide away
from this touch face game ii play
this maybe ii could love again and maybe he still loves me is my only answer
but he doesn’t love me anymore
and ii am falling deeper down
digging for my soul
digging for my heart returned to me so someone else can tear it apart
so ii dont have to follow him forever in despair

“give it back and ii will use it well
give it back or let me touch your face
let me kiss you
let me feel your arms again
let me fall into warm saturdays and bright blue spaceship eyes
transporting me straight to naked fucking on mountaintops
in trees with the animals
take me ii’m ready to touch your face
to suck your blood
take me ii want your mistakes all in one
thrust straight into my blood
it’s been dry for far too long
pick a song
turn up the volume
throw me down
and give me back what’s mine” 


~ Diary 2001