Erica Xenne & Prince Ruby Valentine

Erosian Exile

What is Erosia?

Erosia is a primal paradise where the people are encouraged to harness personal power. Over time, dark forces waged an information war, and lured the Erosian people to worship their creators. Instead of honoring the parallels between nature and human, they glorified their Gods and outsourced their power to deities. Their way of life was forgotten.

The Erosian prince, Ruby Valentine, fought to save the soul of Erosia. To remind the people to harness their power, he tried to follow in the footsteps of the founders by becoming a God himself. With his beloved Anavir, he burned the temples and caused chaos. These events led to exile.

Anavir was reborn in Dystopia as Erica Xenne. After pursuing music in childhood, Erica fell ill, and her voice was reduced to a whisper. When she found Ruby, he was heartbroken, intoxicating himself to oblivion. Pining for his devotion and feeling out of place in this bizarre industrial hell, Erica unleashed her heartache in a storm of music, and the ghost of her voice rose from the ashes. The sound was elusive, broken and raw, but she fought with blood, sweat and tears to capture any shred of potency. 

Tell me the odds
I’ll beat them senseless
Summon the Gods
They’ll be defenseless!

She branded her project Erosian Exile and recorded her first album, Slave to Freedom, a musical conversation between her and Ruby through vocals and guitar. She wrote two more albums, Fire Castle and The Vampire and the Void, but her whispery singing voice evaded her before she could record them.

Still, the project inspired the two to turn their lives around. While Ruby enjoyed photography and writing his history, Erica immersed herself in the Night Gem series. Her saga tells the story of the Erosian Gods when they were still mortals living on the planet Oreni, and culminates in the creation of Erosia. Ruby’s series, PRINCE OF EROSIA, details his battle against corruption. They hope to bring the essence of Erosia to Earth, and return to save their homeland after death.