Erica Xenne

The enemy is within. The hero is within. The savior is within.

Fantasy Series

The Night Gem
Book 1: This Boundary Will not Bind us


Erosian Exile


Believe what you will and have your way with me.


Join the archetribe.

So Carnal it's Spiritual

Music was Erica’s first language; a mirror reflecting her soul. As the rhythm unfolds, it unravels her heart and unleashes her dreams.

Sadly, Erica lost her singing voice to a tragic illness. Exiled from her passion, she was left craving catharsis. Song after song, story after story, photo after photo, visions of Erosia came to life. It became clear that Erica is more than a musician. She is a vessel through which passion emerges.

Regardless of the medium, Erica works tirelessly to master the skills that enable her to lose herself in the creative process. She strives to express something so primal that it’s universal. As her art becomes a mirror in which others see themselves, she sweeps them away on a journey to Erosia. And this is her deepest desire: to bring Erosia to Earth.

Erica's Fantasy Series

Night Gem

Book 1: This Boundary will not Bind us


Erosian Exile

Slave to Freedom