Erosian Exile’s first album, Slave to Freedom, was released in 2011.  It was a concept album whose themes crystallized over the years while I wrote and recorded the songs. By the time the work was released, I had a strong vision for each song in a video series. We began filming immediately.  I completed Born in a Box and compiled all of the Erosia scenes for the next few songs.  A Muse and Sleep on the Ceiling were almost finished – but illness stopped me in my tracks.

Back in 1996, the same illness left me speaking in a whisper and destroyed my singing career.  Later, I resurrected the ghost of my voice from the dead, trained myself to sing through my whisper and recorded Slave to Freedom. It was beyond challenging, but I persisted and beat the odds senseless!  Yet it was not to last.  In 2012, just as the video filming was taking of, the illness took over once more.  Robbed of my voice, hair, wellness and vitality, I lost the spirit to bring the videos to life. I focused on writing my fantasy series, biding my time until a better cure might present itself.

Now, almost a decade later, a possible cure has found its way to me!  After one week of medicine, I felt a surge of energy and finished the second video, A Muse. Sleep on the Ceiling will be released shortly.

I am ten years older and my will is stronger than ever. Just as I promised years ago, I will finish these videos! My original plan had been to continue pursuing the original concept – but it does not suit the physique and mentality that I embody now. I am a full blooded woman, married to my soulmate – and it shows.  During the video for ‘A Muse,’ I look back on memories of my youth in Erosia, grasping them, and reflecting on them from where I sit now.

My soulmate has joined the process, and he will contribute to the flavor of the videos.  We are completing the half-finished ones now – then, we will move into unknown territory. The story will develop on its own and we will allow our passion to reveal itself, with my old concepts and songs driving us to look at the past and examine our journey. As we dance with the rhythm of the world, we will explore and discover our souls – and share the process with you.