When they say, "That's weird," they really mean, "that's beyond the range of my limited scope."

If you believe illness is a choice, and can be eradicated through a healthy lifestyle and enlightened state of mind - I have a simple request. Can you introduce me to one person who is immortal, who beat death? The day I meet that person I will ascribe to your philosophy. Thanks.

Do we choose our destiny? Or does destiny choose us?
Is it up to us to decide who we are, or to embrace who we are?

What we need to end #racism is a common enemy, like violent #aliens. It will be amazing how fast people forget that other humans' melanin is different from theirs.

Subjectivity and #individualism do not necessarily begin and end with serving the self. If you know who you are and assert it, the world shows its true colors in your wake.

I lured my inner demons out to dance and slaughtered them one at a time. PTSD is no match for my will to prevail.

I am a vessel through which passion emerges. My life purpose is to polish the vessel: to hone skills so I am fit to deliver the messages I receive from the aether. My work is a mirror in which others can see not merely 'me,' but also, themselves, down to their barest humanity.

The root of all evil is the belief in evil.
If something exists, it is neither good nor evil - it just is. How we perceive it says more about us than it does about the thing itself.

I have been pursued by honest men, kind men, rich men... the one who stole my heart is a walking work of art. Don't be afraid to be beautiful. <3

A kitten can cast the shadow of a mouse or a tiger. It all depends on the space she chooses to occupy.

I love nature, but I do not "appreciate the small things." I embody my inner animal and devour the world. It's so carnal, it's spiritual; I become one with BEAUTY. There is nothing "small" about it.

I don't see the point in discussing political ideology. Why not discuss solutions instead? Who cares which "side" came up with it..as long as it works?

you can close your two eyes when you don't want to see
but there is no escape for me
i cannot breathe when i shut all three
freedom is never free

People respond to talent as though it is some mystical feat. It isn't. It is a direct result of vision and discipline.

"Kali is the bright fire of truth, which cannot be hidden by the clothes of ignorance. Such truth simply burns them away."

People who need kindness the most often deserve it the least.
Thank you if you treated me like a human when I felt like a beast.

I can reveal all kinds of vulnerability... as long as it's attractive and keeps me on top. ๐Ÿฏ

My blood is Jewish American, but my soul is Erosian. I am reborn over and over to live and die in Erosia, and no Dystopia can change that.

If you don't believe in Erosia, you will sail right past the the Islands. Find Erosia in your heart, and it will appear before you. <3

I am allergic to hope, and addicted to desire.
My husband embodies the hope I am incapable and unwilling to endure on my own.

I do not seek logic to back my actions. #Love is The Force that propels my #magic because I surrender to it.

I want to live forever, and if I cannot, I want to feel the eternity that breathes within every moment.

Music is the only God I've known.
Music is divine symmetry.
Without a Muse, Music is just math.

Mmm. It feels so rewarding to watch a sunrise after indulging in romantic innuendos on another planet for 8 hours. #WritingTips

Lie in the bed you made
Your hope & change decayed
In blindness you wade.
My rage feeds my lust
A diamond in the dust
In my heart I trust.

Ruby's pushing Clarity away
He wants her, but he hurts her every day
She's the sweetest friend he's ever known
But Ruby needs to be alone

You think marginalization will shut me up? I speak in a whisper, stripped of my voice. I never forget: I am a person who can't be silenced.

I told a friend the premise of Hunger Games. He said "It would be more exciting if they used politicians for the game instead of kids."

I have tasted a sliver of hope and already I hardly recognize my reflection or my music choices. Hope. Welcome back old friend ๐Ÿ™‚

When fate chopped my wings, I built armor. It protected me but weighed me down & stopped my wings from regrowing. Now I'm bare; I'm flying.

If you followed your "heart" and got crushed, you followed your mind, groin, or ego. Heart sees only truth. Impermanence is part of truth.

Someone who battled adversity alone since childhood, flourished, and gives all of himself to his loved ones, moves me to tears. #hero

It seems that most of my past rejections were imaginary. The mind is a powerful thing!! I need to make it my ally. #believeinyourself

"Following your heart" means being vulnerable, expressing honest feelings. Translation: prepare to be nauseous while waiting for a response.

My imagination is my best friend and my worst enemy. Death is the only contender, and the products of my imagination may defeat that too.

This album is a gem for those who love inspiration, dreamscapes & nightmares, and aren't afraid of their psyche. >=] https://t.co/Gp1o32W2RT

You cannot run away from your past. You take yourself with you wherever you go. Resolution or honest closure will set you free.

Sometimes Earthlings manage to shake me up, but from my home planet, their drama just strikes me as funny.

You cannot silence my demons.
My demons are mine. They cannot be taken from me.
If you accept my demons, I will grace you with my angels.

Dear Human: I am vexed by your veneer and you are offended by my indiscretion. It seems we are at an impasse. Sincerely, Animal.

The english language has so many words, yet lumps "trust" & "love" together. There are many types of love & shades of trust. Nuances please?

I rose from the ashes when I looked in the mirror and saw that I am more than my singing voice. My essence is my voice. It can still sing.

I am more than an artist, muse, animal & dreamer. I am also a woman, human & friend. Now that I accept this, my heart cannot mislead me.

Mistakes. The bane of my existence. Still, striving and faltering is more fulfilling than stagnating perfectly.

Walk off the rage. The enemy won't vanish in your absence. But when you return, your clear mind may focus singularly on victory.

"Beauty is only skin deep." But how you choose to present yourself shows character. Image is a choice & body language reveals the heart.

I am reasonable, but logic is not my strong point. I am driven by passion and purpose. Should I fix this or embrace it? Thoughts?

I am agnostic. If the answer is entirely out of my control and won't impact my decisions, why waste my short life figuring it out?

Imagine your dream coming to life. Believe this outcome is inevitable. Move directly toward your fate. Don't look back.

I only read about seduction, manipulation, deception and power because I'm a fiction writer >.> I swear >.>

Lol, totally forgot it was Valentines' Day. Am I supposed to feel lonely? My mind is on fire from writing. I'm madly in love with life.

My song was rated by pros. One says: beautiful composition but not the sound. Another: amazing vocals but we don't like the song. >=]

"I will undress," said the Muse to the Mirror. "โ€ฆbecause I trust you will see me exactly as I am."

How do you feel about a woman on her knees proposing to a man? Is that romantic?

Men: Would you like this?
Women: Would you do this?

You may excel at winning mind games, but if you don't bother playing, then you win honest companions. #love

Serenity to accept things I can't change. Strength to change the things I can. Wisdom to know I WILL BEAT THE ODDS SENSELESS.

My avatar is my real ear. I am considering vampire, elvin or nymph ancestry along with extraterrestrial influences. All theories welcome.

Searching for The One, my perfect match, so we can bring our dreams to life together ๐Ÿ™‚ (aka piano shopping)

With passion & reason intertwined, I am aligned. Purpose is body, heart & mind. But the thrill of my will tempts me to leave logic behind.

Hope is an invaluable gift. When someone has none, it can be life-altering. I try to seize chances to give hope. Not false hope. Real hope.

Laying out tracks for electronic album, rehearsing for rock album, fleshing out fantasy trilogy. Who will win? *Competes with myself*

Looking through photos - my hair changed color since it grew back!! Gasp! I hope it turns white before I look ancient.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Karma is not an otherworldly force. You're good to others => you respect yourself => people respect you => people are good to you. Circular.

I love arguing. I savor the fury with which enemies hate me & the fervor with which opponents yearn to destroy me. I feed on their fever.

โ€œWhat we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame but something wild to run with.โ€
โ€” Robert Brault

Taking the earliest steps toward recording the second album... because I'm WAY TOO PUMPED about the third. o.O

Art happens when dreams are crushed. When places we love are far away & people we love are not with us. Art is the blood of the exile.

In the spirit of Halloween, I wore exotic costumes - vicariously - through my fiction characters, answered the door & wrote for 17 hours.

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