Erosian Exile

Slave to Freedom

Track Zero

Wandering through the woods, Erica sings to the birds. Ruby's guitar wails back, seducing her with the cries of the heavens and hells.

Born in a Box


The musical connection between Ruby and Erica is intoxicating and otherwordly. Yet he cannot commit, and leaves Erica broken hearted.

A Muse

Erica is inspired by Ruby's freedom as a performer. She wants to be on stage with him and sing her love to the skies.

Sleep on the Ceiling

Erica is desperate to know how Ruby feels about her. Though Ruby's guitar screams his pain, he leaves her in the dark.

Slave to Freedom

Ruby's escapism prevents him from making commitments. Erica struggles to accept that he doesn't belong to her.

Ruby Roué

As Ruby seduces woman after woman, Erica becomes increasingly angry and cold.

Lullaby for Defeat

Erica has to accept that it may be too late to save Ruby. Her heart screams for him, but she must silence it.

Chasing Tigers

Erica finds herself drawn to new musicians. She dances and flirts, and wants to grab her life by the horns, but fears getting burned again.


Forsaking the religion of love, Erica falls prey to lust. Soon enough, she becomes the predator.

Hurricane Ruby

Lusting for life, Erica is hot and ready to rock. Yet Ruby is self-destructing, and she must leave him behind entirely to pursue her dreams.


Erica is pursuing her dreams as a rockstar, but it's meaningless without Ruby. She looks back with regret.


Erica decides to confess her obsession to Ruby. Even if he rejects her, she has to be true to herself.