Barbarian Tribe

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Hidden in the mountains in Alaska, native tribes compete for resources. Before the apocalypse, they coexisted in peace, hidden in caves and mountain ranges where the government could not tax them and the prigs could not find them. But now, resources are scarce, and the tribes are turning on each other.
In the mountains, more and more barbarians fall dead, murdered by their brethren who once vowed to stand by each other if the prigs came for them.
Nokoma fights, battle after battle, defending his sisters, the children.
He is growing weary, and doesn’t see the point of any of it, but he can’t resist their pleas. Yet after the second year of pointless murders, the needless killing begins to wear on him.
One tribe leader falls, and the next one steps up, only to declare war again.
And despite Nokoma’s training, the fury sneaks up on him once more.
Anger consumes him. Despair. Shame, that he ever went along with this. He can’t contain it anymore.
In a fury of flames, he shows the tribe what he’s really made of. 
Horrified by the fire coming from his hands, the tribe stops fighting, mid battle. Nokoma takes his mother aside; she is the most beautiful among them. “Listen up, faggots,” he yells. “The fighting stops here. Or we will come back to haunt you.”
He takes her away. And off they ride.
Nokoma leaves his mother with a tribe in a nearby mountain range. Once he is certain someone will escort her home to check up on the tribe in a while, he continues South on his own. His mother has a plan to bring them back to their senses. She is far more dangerous and persuasive than Nokoma could ever be.
But Nokoma cannot go back.
He worries his fire will destroy them if they continue killing each other. Or even if they don’t. Too many loved ones have died needlessly, and the mere sight of them makes him explode in flames. For their safety, he heads South by himself.
Note: None of the artwork is mine. It is all from various places on the internet. I’ll add credits as I find them.


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Fast asleep, Nokoma finds himself in his mother’s garden. He is a child in the dream, and his mother is tending to her plants, beautiful as ever. Buoyant pink curls cascade down to her hips.

The garden is dainty and too perfect, just as Nokoma remembers it. There are water fountains, bird feeders and pink flowers in every direction.

“Eldîl,” his mother pouts, “It’s too cold.”
Taking the cue, Nokoma – no, he is Eldîl now – rushes inside and looks for her favorite robe… but it’s not draped over her chair as usual. He searches around, unsure where he’s allowed to look, and finally finds another robe.. but it’s not her favorite. He brings it outside. His mother laughs, as if mocking him for getting the wrong robe, but graciously choosing to accept it anyway. He hangs his head.
“It’s too dark,” his mother pouts. And at once, Eldîl lights up some fire in his hand.
“It’s too-”
“Enough!” Eldîl demands. The flame in his hands explodes, and her perfect roses catch on fire.

Exasperated, Eldîl storms off to get some water. He needs to put out the fire, but his body is exploding as he produces more flame. Everything is burning down around him.
She wants me to change the weather, he thinks. To bring down the moon from the sky. And I’m not enough…

He opens his eyes. His lover is sleeping in his lap, content. Nokoma’s heartbeat slows and he drifts off again.

His next dream begins in an inferno.

Nokoma is fighting with his father.
“Weak punch,” his father roars, and hits him harder. “Put your fire away, boy. Quit hiding behind magic and fight like a man.”
“I’m not hiding,” Nokoma growls, and retracts his flames. “Not like you.”
His father charges at him. “You little priss” His father demands. “I got nothing to hide.” 
“I’ll teach you a lesson, little pansy,” his father spits in his face. “Faggot.”
Fire sears through Nokoma’s veins. He does everything in his power to hold it back, but before he knows it, his hot hands are burning his father’s skin. His father refuses to moan, complain, or back down, but he can only withstand the burn for so long before his energy gives way.
Now in control, Nokoma turns his father over and lands on top, pinning him down. “You hide your pain,” Nokoma growls. “And your heart.”
With that, he leaves the bastard on the ground with his burns.
He unleashes a fury nearby, to remind his father who is boss.
Nokoma awakens, grips his lover tighter and falls back asleep once again.

Something to Lose

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Nokoma awakens from a dream of passion and death. Solly, wanting him, pushing him away. The two fighting until they float off at sea, clinging to each other as they realize they are facing their inevitable end.

This is Eros, Nokoma thinks. Sex and death. The other side of Eros is Thanatos.
You can’t truly love, in the erotic sense, without losing yourself completely. And you never know what will be left afterwards. Your entire life could be in ruins. You can lose it all.

He looks around at the castle pillars surrounding him as the sun rises. The waterfall. The high ceilings. The marble floors. He pictures the lovers in the glorious room just behind him. The matron beside him, with her sisterly smirk. The artisan making noise in a nearby room as she tortures some innocent robot. The dreamer, humming in the lake before him. The dogs wrestling in the water.

My family, he thinks. My home.

I have so much to lose.

His heart feels heavy as he sits with this realization. Up until now, he had nothing to lose. The wild man. The animal. He embodied Eros in its purest form. He was willing to die in his own fire if only to be closer to his lover’s embrace. A kiss with no poison is no kiss at all.

But now, just like every other uppity prig, he has a home. A family. Something to lose.*

And with that realization, Nokoma wonders: Did I just lose myself?

Did I trade Eros for the soft comfort of family and a life of endless labor?

Can I still love so fully with so much at stake?

He stands up, exasperated. Time will tell, he thinks. But he can’t help wondering if he just sold his soul.


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Nokoma falls asleep, dreaming of Solly’s ship.

Nokoma, seeing that he’s unwelcome, hisses, “Fine. Fuck you and your death ship.” He storms away toward the dock, only to realize they’re far out at sea. But he won’t beg and risk his pride.
Just as he jumps over the side, Solly releases an ear curdling banshee shriek: “Don’t Leave Me!”
Nokoma lands in the tumultuous water and Solly appears at the deck, extending a rope. “What’s that for?” Nokoma hisses. “Where are you going?”
Solly demands, tearful. “You’re just gonna leave me again? Where you going now? The equator?”
“You told me to leave!” Nokoma roars.
Frustrated, Solly jumps down to the sea and chases after Nokoma, who waits, confused. Once Solly finally reaches him, he holds him tight, hugging, clutching for dear life. After a long, desperate kiss, Solly pushes him underwater.
The tumult builds as the two push each other around, pushed to unfathomable heights and depths by passing waves. The ship fades into the distance and there is only the two of them, struggling against themselves and each other in an oceanic storm.
After a long, terrifying struggle, the two begin to lose energy. Realizing at once that they are lost at sea, bereft of any more fight, with no recourse, their eyes meet. They both understand, at once, that death is near and it is inevitable. Without discussion, they embrace, hold each other close and cry in each other’s arms. There is no doubt in either of their minds that they will cling together until the very end.
Solly looks at Nokoma, full of heart wrenching remorse. To Nokoma, Solly’s sad eyes are the most beautiful orbs in the world.



And off they float, bound together in the blissful embrace of eternal surrender. Nokoma cannot help but laugh. This was all there ever was, and all there ever could have been.