Barbarian Tribe

By November 1, 2021November 8th, 2021Nokoma
Hidden in the mountains in Alaska, native tribes compete for resources. Before the apocalypse, they coexisted in peace, hidden in caves and mountain ranges where the government could not tax them and the prigs could not find them. But now, resources are scarce, and the tribes are turning on each other.
In the mountains, more and more barbarians fall dead, murdered by their brethren who once vowed to stand by each other if the prigs came for them.
Nokoma fights, battle after battle, defending his sisters, the children.
He is growing weary, and doesn’t see the point of any of it, but he can’t resist their pleas. Yet after the second year of pointless murders, the needless killing begins to wear on him.
One tribe leader falls, and the next one steps up, only to declare war again.
And despite Nokoma’s training, the fury sneaks up on him once more.
Anger consumes him. Despair. Shame, that he ever went along with this. He can’t contain it anymore.
In a fury of flames, he shows the tribe what he’s really made of. 
Horrified by the fire coming from his hands, the tribe stops fighting, mid battle. Nokoma takes his mother aside; she is the most beautiful among them. “Listen up, faggots,” he yells. “The fighting stops here. Or we will come back to haunt you.”
He takes her away. And off they ride.
Nokoma leaves his mother with a tribe in a nearby mountain range. Once he is certain someone will escort her home to check up on the tribe in a while, he continues South on his own. His mother has a plan to bring them back to their senses. She is far more dangerous and persuasive than Nokoma could ever be.
But Nokoma cannot go back.
He worries his fire will destroy them if they continue killing each other. Or even if they don’t. Too many loved ones have died needlessly, and the mere sight of them makes him explode in flames. For their safety, he heads South by himself.
Note: None of the artwork is mine. It is all from various places on the internet. I’ll add credits as I find them.

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