By March 4, 2021November 8th, 2021Nokoma
Nokoma falls asleep, dreaming of Solly’s ship.

Nokoma, seeing that he’s unwelcome, hisses, “Fine. Fuck you and your death ship.” He storms away toward the dock, only to realize they’re far out at sea. But he won’t beg and risk his pride.
Just as he jumps over the side, Solly releases an ear curdling banshee shriek: “Don’t Leave Me!”
Nokoma lands in the tumultuous water and Solly appears at the deck, extending a rope. “What’s that for?” Nokoma hisses. “Where are you going?”
Solly demands, tearful. “You’re just gonna leave me again? Where you going now? The equator?”
“You told me to leave!” Nokoma roars.
Frustrated, Solly jumps down to the sea and chases after Nokoma, who waits, confused. Once Solly finally reaches him, he holds him tight, hugging, clutching for dear life. After a long, desperate kiss, Solly pushes him underwater.
The tumult builds as the two push each other around, pushed to unfathomable heights and depths by passing waves. The ship fades into the distance and there is only the two of them, struggling against themselves and each other in an oceanic storm.
After a long, terrifying struggle, the two begin to lose energy. Realizing at once that they are lost at sea, bereft of any more fight, with no recourse, their eyes meet. They both understand, at once, that death is near and it is inevitable. Without discussion, they embrace, hold each other close and cry in each other’s arms. There is no doubt in either of their minds that they will cling together until the very end.
Solly looks at Nokoma, full of heart wrenching remorse. To Nokoma, Solly’s sad eyes are the most beautiful orbs in the world.



And off they float, bound together in the blissful embrace of eternal surrender. Nokoma cannot help but laugh. This was all there ever was, and all there ever could have been.


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