Some people propose that we “transcend” by “extinguishing the fire of desire.”  Yet fire is central to our humanity. 
“Transcendence of desire” carries a similar message to “Original sin,” claiming that the way we’re built is fundamentally wrong.  Yet for anyone who believes in God, Natural Law, Evolution or Love – this is nonsensical.  Whether God created us or whether we evolved, we are the way we are.  Accepting the way we are and making the best of it, for ourselves and for those around us, is obviously the most we can hope to achieve. Why are people always trying to transcend their own nature? It’s absurd.
Animals don’t do this. Animals know more than we do.
We don’t look at our dog and think “Why does he crave contact with me? He should stop being so excited about me and reach nirvana.” So why would we do that to ourselves??  The idea of “Original Sin” and “Transcending desire” — is the poison that makes our love impure.  It is natural to desire, to burn with passion; to love.  It is only our shame about our feelings, and our fear of love, which ruins its beauty.
Some might claim that peace and clarity are more important than love.  We can avoid the ‘danger’ of heartache by forsaking romance and desire altogether.
But, what is the point of it all, then?  Why are we here?  If we’re just going to find ways to be above our desires, and find ‘serenity and clarity’ to avoid danger and pain….. what exactly will fulfill us?  Is it fulfilling to spend our lives depriving ourselves of things we ‘don’t really need,’ just to avoid the possibility of losing them?  Is that really living or is that just surviving?

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