I don’t have a lot of ‘scholarly knowledge’ about the Bible. Nonetheless, I view the Bible as a collection of tales that were rehashed from Sumerian tablets and other works which were likely rehashed from even older works (humanity may be much older than we realize, evidence is showing). The rehashing and same themes & names among many stories over time is rather obvious, but the question that piques my interest is: why? What kind of control over the mind do ideas like “original sin” — or sin at all — allow? Is this a tool that governments and institutions have used to control our minds? 

It is beyond obvious to me that the crushing of sacred darkness is a ploy by the powers that be– at any given time in history – to enslave us.

Those who are awake can understand – and embody – the idea that there is no shadow without light. Different people may play a different archetypal role in this balance – so this is not to say that everyone’s personal balance should be the same. But anyone who opens their minds’ eye can see clearly that shadow and light both give form to things. Night and day give rhythm to things. It is insane to try to crush one or the other in oneself, or even worse, in the whole of humanity. To dictate where “everyone” should fall on that scale is to open up a huge pocket that isn’t being filled, leaving space for terrible evil to balance out the light that is being forced on us and translated to repression. When everyone must only focus on the light, they repress the dark, and that space of sacred darkness still needs to be occupied in the cosmos and in human consciousness — so what fills it? — something really fucking horrific that balances “the light.”  This is why those of us who can see, will not aim to repress darkness in ourselves and others.

I have a tendency to repress light in myself– such as love, forgiveness, giving, compassion — I have worked hard on that. I have naturally very strong compassion to the point where I feel the feelings of others at times. I once was told “You have strong mirror neurons.” When watching a movie, I am the characters for that time period. But I learned early on to close my heart to real humans and open it only to music, characters and my own creative work, because otherwise it would get crushed – especially after I lost my voice, which was the direct channel through which I could deliver messages from the aether I live in. I was isolated and otherworldly, and I went through a deep, powerful process to reconnect. This is what Erica Xenne’s white dress is about in Erosia: sacred light. Prince Ruby Valentine is the darkness, and the two illuminate each other and give each other form.


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