“This is what I mean when I refer to self-expression. I do my best to share my personal truth but people will not always interpret it the way it is meant. This is why I refer to artwork as a mirror. When I create it, it’s my mirror, but when someone else views it, it’s their own mirror to see as they see fit. This is why I don’t believe two people can truly understand each other, but in essence we are all the same, so if we understand what makes us human then we really understand what is essential about each other perfectly.”
– Erica Xenne, 2013

“On a deeper level, I live to expose my true self through my work. I feel I’m a vessel through which songs and stories emerge. The content serves as a mirror. It exposes parts of myself that are buried deep within my subconscious, and which might otherwise remain unnoticed. In sharing my work, I hope to function as a mirror for others. What success means, to me, is knowing that my fight to sing on my album, despite speaking in a whisper, has inspired someone else to create her own artwork. Success is hearing someone quote my lyrics or reference my stories because it expresses something SHE is feeling. I want people to see themselves in my work, rather than merely seeing “me.” I want to touch on something universal. And, through bearing my own soul, I hope to inspire others to express themselves honestly, and to pursue their dreams against all odds.” 
-Erica Xenne, 2012

“I am driven to channel and embody all that I am.  I feel I’m not really alive unless I know what I’m willing to die for, and this is it – to be a vessel through which passion emerges.  By ‘passion,’ I mean the Life Principle.  Fire, Anima, Life, Erosia.  Passion, for me, is a Force of Nature.  It also has a dark side; one’s ‘sins’ – and I don’t run from that.  I aim to lure my demons out of the closet to dance with my angels and merge.  If I suffocate them, isolate them, shun them – they will destroy. That’s why I am Animal and not Anima.  So Carnal it’s Spiritual.”
-Erica Xenne, 2019


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