I had a dream over the course of 2 nights. The second night, I kept waking up and going back into it. 

The first night, there was an ocean with a wall jutting into it and a nearby platform that people could jump off, like jumping into a pool.  Overhead, there were lights making yellowish light over the water in the night. There was an upcoming storm, huge waves, very tumultuous water.

My parents were on the platform, laughing and diving around, chasing each other into the water.  Brady (my first love) was there.  He and I were kissing and all over each other against the wall whenever my parents weren’t looking.  There was a rock, a ways into the ocean, and Jade was sitting on it.. with her long hair behind her like a mermaid, and the moon behind her, and I took photos of her.

And then.. at some point in the dream, she said she had taken photos of me too.  The photos I took of her, the tumultuous water was around her but she wasn’t scared.. she was just beautiful in it.

The next day I thought, aww I had a dream with Brady (giggle), and didn’t think much of it. But then, the second night, I kept going back into this same damn dream over and over.

It was the same ocean and, again, my parents were on the platform, but the water was perfectly calm. Ray was there, diving into the water off the platform, doing fancy showoff dives.  The water was so clear, you could see him underwater doing tricks.  It was clear and still like on a tropical island.  He was deep down, doing all this fancy stuff, and I was trying to copy, but I couldn’t.  Still, I was laughing at my attempts.

At one point, Brady was there, and he was being kind of aggressive because I was trying to put him off, and he was demanding..what do you want?  What?  He was confused that I had changed; angry.

Then he disappeared.. but I had the camera, and I was looking through it.  The first picture I saw was me, with the tumultuous waves around me and my hair in the wind, sand all over me, looking kind of forlorn, but it was the most beautiful pic of me ever, like a prettier version.  Ray came up behind me to see.  I looked at the next picture, which was equally beautiful, but then I remembered that Jade had said she took pics of Brady and I, so I said, “Trust me.. you don’t want to see these.”

My mother, who had been amazed at Ray’s diving, glared at me as if to say “why would you say that to him?” And I glared back like.. ????  My father was oblivious to the exchange, but Ray saw us glaring and lost trust for the moment.  He went back to diving and completely ignored me as if I wasnt there.  I felt like it was my fault.

Then the scene changed to some crowded pool area where Ray had a whistle and was hustling people around, but I just tried to get out of there because I hate people.  Then I woke up.


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