wretch pull harder rip it off
there is no room for precision tonight
use your teeth use your fist kick punch wrestle ii don’t care just get it out
surgical mechanical they taught you how but ii want you to forget
ii want you to forget what you learned why can’t you just fucking forget
stop knowing don’t know anything feel this now
just fucking pull

ii didn’t put it here he put it here it isn’t mine this isn’t mine,
ii don’t want it, ii never wanted it, ii never asked to be
here now but here ii am and you want to touch me
but its going to eat you alive if you don’t
kill kill kill it now kill it ii have the power to do it
to myself but ii might bleed to death, ii might save it,
ii might get too close to it… ii can’t get any
closer than this, for your sake ii have to keep
this distance
arm’s length leg’s length life’s length
its just one pull away from choking you

ii want you to take it so far that ii ask you to stop
ii want you to hold it bare in your hands,
face it, smell it, know it.
ii want you to see it and hate it
and destroy it
bare, raw, rip it into pieces until you
can’t take the sugar coating anymore

fucking grab
fucking believe
this here now is not mine
and ii do not want ii do not need it



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