ii’m stuck somewhere between 
knowing and feeling 
taking and stealing 
asking and kneeling 

how does he jolt me to 
ii dont even want to try 
ii wouldn’t know where to 
it wouldn’t be fair for him to die 

and he knows better 
chasing tigers only 
turns you into meat 
and ii would take it all 
his flesh is not that sweet 
but ii smell that scent from anywhere 
and ii want to 
taste that waste 
paste his bones to blood 
and sip the passion as it leaks 
milk the torture as it speaks 
into me 
under mine 

ii am Reason’s concubine 
but when Reason doesn’t pay me 
ii abandon 
and ii wander, lost inside myself 
ii wander deep 
in sleepless dream and pantomime 
time just lost its purpose meaning 
ii am far from here 

yet the cycle continues to crawl 
the clouds continue to rise 
and the stars begin to fall 
one day he will hear my call 
smell us all 
and eat 
and Reason will be hungry 
but She won’t feed on defeat


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