In my dream last night I was wandering through a place with no boundaries.. no walls. It was just color. And when it’s really foggy sometimes, the fog creates an illusion of a wall; likewise, the colors’ thickness made me feel enclosed, because I couldn’t see past it. The colors I was wandering through were deep dark shades of red and blue, and in moving from one to the other I passed through deep purple shades too – because as red faded into blue it was purple in transition. As I walked, the “walls” stayed the same distance from me, as opposed to the way a solid wall would appear closer as one approached it.

I was wandering alone for a while and I passed by two of them laughing.  I could barely see them… they were sort of “in” the “wall”… foggy.  And I saw one of them clearly. He was wandering alone and as he passed me he didn’t meet my eyes. He wore grey pants and an old dirty ripped shirt… and his hair was disheveled.. and his eyes were surrounded in black and were half closed.. and he was looking down. The other two waved at me as I passed. And I could hear their conversation at points.. she was leaving and he said “wait” and she said “I’ve been waiting long enough…”


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