Age 15, song i wrote about a dream I had about a crush of mine. (RIP)


Under the moonlight
I lie in your shadow
The chill of midnight
Won’t cool our passion

Your kiss is warm upon my neck
Erotic, yet divine
My innocence bleeds upon your touch
And as sweet as you look
Your appetite is leonine

They always warned me you’d be dangerous
Despite the sparkle in your eye
And as your teeth dig into my skin
I let your danger suck me dry

Your gaze is sharp upon my heart
Demonic, yet so pure
Gently, you stroke my rising pulse
As i shiver in ecstasy 
I still hunger for more

Leaking through my veins
Ardor cracks the dam of childhood
Innocence drains

Your blade is sharp upon my soul
Metallic, yet refined
Blood trickles down my dreams
As I reach for my purity 
I know I’ve left it behind

No turning back now


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