“My powerful voice was reduced to a whisper, but I am still a vessel through which passion emerges.  Take my voice, my hair, my mobility, my memory‚Ķ but if you want my fire, you will have to kill me.”

Erica Xenne speaks in a whisper and sings in a ghost-like voice. The alchemy between her ethereal voice and rhythmic piano, robust drumming by her brother Jon Brand, and soulful guitar by her consort Prince Ruby Valentine, birthed Erosian Exile. By combining their otherworldly sound with original videos and art as a backdrop, Erica channels her memories of Erosia.

She began studying piano at age 4, and had a career in music as a teenager, singing, playing piano, and composing.  At age 16, Chronic Lyme complications lead to permanent damage on her vocal cords, reducing her voice to a whisper and condemning her to exile from her deepest passion.  But as emotions welled up and songs wrote themselves through her, the ghost of her voice was resurrected.  


The people of Erosia have no legal system, but nature has its own laws. To love is to channel the essence of Erosia’s creator, the God of Passion.  

Prince Ruby Valentine was exiled from Erosia for failing to believe in Love, and Erica Xenne, obsessed and consumed, followed him into exile.  In doing so, she sacrificed her magic power – her singing voice – which was channeled by the God of Passion.  She was left speaking in a whisper.

In Dystopia, music exploded through Erica’s being, and she learned to channel her songs through her whisper in hopes the music would lure Ruby to believe in Love and return to Erosia with her.  Yet Ruby knew her music was fueled by obsession and desire, rather than love, and mourned all the reasons that love could not exist.

The first album, Slave to Freedom, is Erica’s love note to Ruby, conveying conversations between Erica (vocalist) and Ruby (guitarist) which occurred in Erosia and Dystopia.  Desperate to inspire Ruby to appreciate his own beauty, she invited his other consorts to sing backup in spite of her jealousy.  In response to their sensual harmonies and Erica’s alluring melodies, Ruby exploded in orgasmic guitar lines, but the more turned on he was, the darker his nightmares became, and the more tormented he felt.  He remained a slave to freedom.

Art is the blood of the exile.  Since Erica and Ruby were exiled from their homeland, Erica made it her mission to bring pieces of Erosia to everyone.  Between her music, photos, and videos, she hopes to lure her loved ones back to the Land of Passion.

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