The Lure of the Swan

By October 1, 2018Poetry

The lure of the Swan
Is a curse when she is gone
Shall the Hunter yearn
For a sign of her return

White as pearl is his skin
But the fire roars within
As he haunts her lair
His desire burns her bare

Her heavenly breast
Draws his arrow to her nest
She surrenders her will
To the throes of the kill

Translation to Silindion – by Elliott Lash.

Kamara sínië
Vaphurnë yanisë’nië
Ninén i lavan
Lillannu vohwild’anyë

Thermar parlosil
Erma daván i faya
Vë pherseina lennánëa
Salányë ethatë sunanya

Hwanga molkósëa kíldië
Vanasutín essiranna
Yauyón surúnëa
No nekenta nánkëa⁠

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